Deparment for Development Policy

Duties, responsibilities and vision

Development policies are a set of actions that define the activity in planning, formulation, implementation and evaluation of inter-functional decisions that enable ASA to arrive its development objectives.
In this context, the Directorate for Development Policy at the Agency of State Archives makes efforts with consecration to produce fundamental decisions and actions that shape and determine what is the development Policy of Agency of State Archives. To be most effective , development policy planning requires the collection and processing of a significant amount of information, disclosure of strategic alternatives, predicting outcomes that will have in  making decisions in the future .
Department for Development Policy helps to facilitate communication and participation in decisions on alignment of values and interests in the development of an analytical and logical process of making decisions, to promote a successful implementation of these decisions.

Scope of work of the Directorate for Development Policy is :

- The scope of work of the Directorate for Development Policies is: drafting, determining and proposing Development Policies of the State Agency of Kosovo Archives (in the form of strategies, plans, etc.) in regard to the archive activities, including new methods and modernisation of the work and application of up to date standards and technology, internal and external cooperation in this field, and in field of publications: carrying out analysis and producing reports on Agency work;

- Prepares projects for the improvement of the archive service in the field of communication, planning, etc.;

- Engages in applying international standards of the International Council of Archivists;

- Compiles all guideline materials related to program policies in Agency of State Archives;
- Drafts documents that define directions of the Agency development in view of developing basic professional activity;

-  Develops program policies dealing with basic activity of Agency, as well as, publications, information and trainings;

- Proposes meetings and seminars, and prepares materials related to publications or trainings;

- Develops a system for building the capacities of Agency staff through program policies which are developed by this Directorate;
- Assists in drafting a Plan and preparing a Program for capacity building of Agency staff, and the staff of other institutions in the field of archivistic;

- Plans and organises activities related to Digital Archives, creating databases, microfilming,  and digitalization of archival material;

- In this Directorate drafts and maintains records and documents for international cooperation in the field of archivistic;

- Directorate for Development Policy in coordination with the Chief Executive of the State Agency of Kosovo Archives keeps correspondence and directs professional works with the International Council of Archives, CIBAL (European Association of Archiving), the Council “Memory of the World”, different international Commissions of archivistic etc.;

- Coordinates and manages records, keeps correspondence and  communicates with various archives in the World and in the region regarding mutual professional cooperation;

- This Directorate deals also with scientific-research activities for creating and completing of archival funds and collections in the State Agency of Kosovo Archive with the aim of increasing the level of performance of the institution.

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